New Flash Fiction: Butterfly Icarus

Ready for another flash fiction challenge?

Now that the move back to Toronto is all well and done, I can relax on one of my two pieces of furniture and do another writing prompt. June kind of came and went, didn’t leave a lot of time for anything but the day job and the move. It’s been taxing, but I don’t know if cross-country moving is ever easy without wealth.

But now I’m ready to get back to business, which means another story with the Trese Brothers to follow No Legacy Between The Stars – but beginning with this new short story.

Anyways, I went hunting for a writing prompt and found this thread on Reddit. The post is there, so click the link if you want the context of the challenge before reading the story. Otherwise, it follows here. 


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Flash Fiction Jealousy Prompt – New Material

What’s this? Another post, so soon?

One thing that I’m going for now is a bit more consistency in my posts. It might not be the same length of a post I might do for Huffington Post or a flash fiction contest. With all of my current projects and responsibilities, I don’t really have enough time left over for that. But if you’re interested in little injections of what’s floating around my head every fortnight or so, I think I can maintain that at a modest level of quality.

This is flash fiction, written for a challenge a couple of months ago. The prompt was ‘Jealousy.’ Stuff like this could be more frequent additions to this blog, feel free to leave challenges or prompts in the comments and I’ll see what I can whip up for another update!

I’ll take one more opportunity to let you know about my eBook release of No Legacy Between The Stars with Trese Brothers Games. Check out the interview on their blog along with links to the various markets where the story is for sale.

Read on for the story!

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Update: Winner of Scare Us! Story Challenge

My submission to the Scare Us! horror story challenge on LitReactor is one of the three winners of that competition: full results here. Our prize is feedback on our stories from none other than Chuck Palahniuk. Speaking for myself, this is a mind-blowing reward.

Chuck is one of my favourite authors, so this was a terrific surprise for me.  I’d like to thank him for his feedback and most of all his time. Also, I should thank the LitReactor staff and users, as well as anyone else that read my submission and/or gave feedback of their own. Last but certainly not least, I’d like to thank Suzy Vitello. She’s a gifted editor and writer, and most importantly she’s damn inspirational.

The story is “We Called It God,” and you can read it here – log in with Facebook or register with LitReactor to download the Word document.