D&D 5th Edition Campaign: Writings of the Spiral Cult

Gospels of the Imminent Horizon

Bound in flayed human skin, this grimoire details the Children of the Dread Spiral and their beliefs. Most of the passages are attributed to the Herald of the All-Spiral, who is described in other chapters by secondary authors as a Mother Mary type figure.

  • The Great Dread Spiral is a celestial being of pure love and healing power that exists beyond this universe. All who join with it will exist in pure Nirvana.
  • The worthy will be exalted in endless bliss and powerful beyond measure as part of this majestic being. The unworthy will be destroyed, if they are lucky, for to exist without the All-Spiral would be a fate worse than death.
  • The Herald was the first to receive the blessing of the All-Spiral and dream the Dreams. The power invested in Her will exalt Her beyond measure in the sight of the Spiral. Through Her, others may be blessed and exalted also.
  • All those who Dream are welcome in the arms of the Spiral. But there are those who Dream but do not Believe. They are heretics.
  • The Herald will ultimately decide who is worthy to be exalted and who is not. The Spiral is coming. Help Her prepare for this great arrival, or accept your doom.
  • To the Herald cometh the Dreams.
    • From the Dreams cometh the Star.
      • From the Star cometh the Spiral.
        • To the Spiral cometh All.

DOCTORED PASSAGE: A passage in the Gospels has been altered (Investigation 19 to detect). It appears to concern the “cruel legacy of unenlightened dwarfkind” and how they destroyed the First Herald of the All-Spiral tens of thousands of years ago. 

Originally, it appears to have said “stolen” the secrets, not destroyed them.

Journals of the Joyously Insane

These range from scribblings on scrap paper and ragged scrolls to neat, leather-bound notebooks and diaries. Some are in a strong, confident hand, others in jittery scrawls or childlike block letters. What they have in common is that they are all written in the Deep Speech and batshit insane.

  • I dream the Dream and I know that in my heart the Spiral will rescue me it’s not my fault what I did and the Spiral will forgive me when I am Exalted the Herald tells me that I am loved and the Spiral is Love and I will be with the Spiral forever-
  • I feel like my old life happened to somebody else. Since the Dream, and the Star, and the Herald’s words, I finally have purpose. I was born for this.
  • The Herald has told us to leave everything behind. We won’t need it, because the Gor-Executioners will take our lives after we destroy the heretics, to offer us up for exaltation on the wings of their departing souls. I can’t wait.

In general, the writings indicate the following:

  • The Herald is female, beautiful to look upon, and invested with magical power and enlightenment by the All-Spiral itself. Her word is law, and she works tirelessly to prepare the world for the impending arrival of the Dread Spiral.
    • Also, she is mentioned by name only occasionally in some of the earliest entries in diaries of degrading sanity. Her name is “Sunny.”
  • The Spiral has been summoned somehow from the Far Realm, and is approaching our world in both the physical sense, as the celestial object getting bigger in the sky every night, and in the metaphysical sense as our universe overlaps with it. The dreams, which are increasing in incidence among the population, are the result of psychic feedback.
  • Although the Cult sees the coming of the Spiral as inevitable, they believe this as certainty of their beliefs. Their job is to prepare the world for the Spiral through the instructions of its Herald, which is to root out and sacrifice anyone she says is a heretic. This includes the entire party except Niro-Seza, but it’s an open-ended list.