I Am Workahol and So Can You!

First, an update:

– My eBook Subjective Vengeance will be released in 2016 after all. It’s nobody’s fault, just the holidays kicking into gear and both Trese Brothers and I being very busy overall. It’ll be an early 2016 release, no worries about that. Stay tuned for more.

Now, to the rest:

I’m lucky enough to be friends with a kind fellow who possesses tickets to go see Star Wars: The Force Awakens tonight, Thursday the 17th! (Bit weird to be typing out the whole title, I feel like you don’t need to say Star Wars because people will know what you’re talking about but it’s my first opportunity to say ‘go see Star Wars’ in almost 20 years without prequels being involved, so leave me alone.)

Having finally wrapped up Christmas shopping for the season and liquor to sneak into the theatre tomorrow, I came home tonight just to write a post and spend the rest of the night off. I’ve been working myself to the bone, especially the past couple of months, and I’m taking it a bit easier until the new year starts. But tonight actually held a somewhat rude awakening to the extent of my workaholism.

See, I decided to write out maybe 500 words of flash fiction to post here and call it a night. I went looking for writing prompts, but didn’t like any of them. So instead, I went back to an idea I’d been noodling for a while and decided to write it on that. 2000 words later, here we are and I’m writing this post instead and polishing up a new short story for the first round of 2016 writing contests. And I feel more relaxed than I have in days of taking it easy.

My vacation is going to be interesting.

Enjoy whatever solstice-based festival you call whatever it’s called! Christmannukwanzaturnalia for everyone!

Update: Big News Incoming

I’ve just received news that a short story I’ve written will be published this October! Very exciting stuff, and I’m overjoyed that one of my favourite publishers will be handling it. More details to follow.

As for this blog, my latest post will be the beginning of a bi-weekly update schedule that I’m going to attempt to maintain. Working full-time and writing part-time leaves little room for anything else in my life, but the feedback and responses have been great!

I might be drifting away from the short fiction for a while, focusing on smaller pieces closer to what you might consider to be a more traditional blog post (wow, we must live in the future where you can have such a thing as a “traditional blog post”).  The reason for this is because a lot of publishers don’t want material that’s already been published. Although a blog isn’t quite the same as a rival publication or anything like that, it’ll be better for me to keep my short fiction closer to the chest for future submissions and post other stuff here.

As always, thanks for reading. See you next week!


Update: New Fiction Incoming

Hello everyone,

I’ve been hard at work on a couple of new projects at the cost of neglecting my weekly updates. I will be posting part III of The Wild Hunt on Tuesday Dec. 11.

I’m also putting together a new short piece; in the interest of trying new things, this is more of a dark comedy. I’ve been on-and-off inspired to do something like this for a while, but the fantastic writing on this season of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia has galvanized me to get it on paper. So to speak.

tl;dr Next Tuesday’s story is part 3 of Wild Hunt, working on new dark comedy, sorry for being a tool and not updating.


EDIT: Did I say Tuesday the 11th? I meant the last minutes of Thursday the 13th. 

Update: Winner of Scare Us! Story Challenge

My submission to the Scare Us! horror story challenge on LitReactor is one of the three winners of that competition: full results here. Our prize is feedback on our stories from none other than Chuck Palahniuk. Speaking for myself, this is a mind-blowing reward.

Chuck is one of my favourite authors, so this was a terrific surprise for me.  I’d like to thank him for his feedback and most of all his time. Also, I should thank the LitReactor staff and users, as well as anyone else that read my submission and/or gave feedback of their own. Last but certainly not least, I’d like to thank Suzy Vitello. She’s a gifted editor and writer, and most importantly she’s damn inspirational.

The story is “We Called It God,” and you can read it here – log in with Facebook or register with LitReactor to download the Word document.