Update: The Rifter #76, 77!

Two more wilderness community game setting articles for Palladium Books are being featured in The Rifter!

The first is Gohjjunk, a small town in the Pecos Badlands described in Rifter #76. This is up for sale now, so check it out – I’ll be over here staring at the cover art by Nicholas Bradshaw and drooling.

Coming soon is Nowhere, an oasis city of Techno-Wizards in those same badlands. I’m very excited to see this one in Rifter #77, currently scheduled for early March.

I’m still contributing to the Huffington Post and have an article coming in March with High Level Gaming. There’ve been other projects moved to the backburner, which is unfortunate, but I’ll post here if anything more exciting comes up, I promise. Definitely more Rifts stuff coming out in future issues of the Rifter and it’s all pretty awesome material, I can’t wait to see it in print.

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