Update: The Rifter #74, 76, and More!

Hello everyone,

My ostrich-like work ethic means that I frequently have my head buried in the sand when it comes to updating anything but the word counts on my projects.

So let’s recap!

First, The Rifter #74 is up for sale (and has been for a bit, my bad). I’ve written some game material for Rifts, focusing on a small wilderness community in the badlands of the American southwest. If you like Mad Max wastelanders, alien anteater gangsters, and bionic Russian murdermachines, you’ll like what I’m putting down.

I will have a companion article in the upcoming Rifter #76 – combined with my article in the #71/72 double issue, this will form a trilogy of neighbouring settlements in the same area, allowing for a lot of freedom for Rifts players to explore an area not yet well-defined in the setting. Best of all, it all ties into another upcoming article I’d like to have in Palladium’s hands by the end of the year!

In other news, I am progressing well with a handful of projects  – the biggest one is so close to done, and I’m in talks with an editor for the final set of revisions to be completed by the end of 2016. Stay tuned for a big announcement in early 2017!

That’s it for now – I have to get back to work, but as usual I’ll promise to try and be more consistent in these small updates only to forget completely in my rush to finish everything before I die without leaving a legacy and the sun swallows the earth and the universe winds slowly down to heat death.

Yours in good cheer,


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