Subjective Vengeance on Sale Now!

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I’m glad we got that out of the way. Feel free to click away and come back here after buying it. No rush.



Subjective Vengeance is out. Finally! It’s great to be releasing another story with Trese Brothers Games – Andrew and Cory are spectacular humans and fun to work with. I’m really happy with this story – the world of Star Traders comes alive a little bit more every time I dive in. Thanks to them and to everyone involved!

So, if you love science fiction and have 3 bucks, pop over and pick it up – it’s a meaty read for the price of two bags of chips. From a vending machine, not like fancy root vegetable chips or anything. I can’t compete with that stuff.

If you don’t love science fiction but still have 3 bucks, why not pick it up anyway? It’s an eBook, it won’t take up space on your shelf, not even your phone! It’s the environmentally-conscious thing to do, really.

If you love science fiction but don’t have 3 bucks, let me know by email or Twitter or whatever and I’ll see what I can do – maybe one of those nice people above just bought you  one!

If you enjoy the story, my first eBook No Legacy Between the Stars is still on sale in the same markets. Check it out! Feel free to rate them (an honest?) 5 stars and share them around!

Thanks again to everyone.

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