20 Meaningful Tattoos Ruined by Spelling Errors

Ah, the tattoo. Whether scratched with pen ink into a prison inmate’s forearm so everyone knows that the new fish is Big Gerry’s Bitch, or drawn carefully across the top of a drunk college girl’s ass to be discovered at the end of the frat house sex party, they have different meanings to all of us. Only sometimes, these tattoos go horribly wrong.

These are their stories.


I can’t see her face, but I can still agree with ‘tragedy.’ But I think ‘Queen of Ironey’ should be her next one.


Just to clarify, I’m from Chi-tonw too. It’s been a real pain in the ass on autocorrecting government forms.


“Really, Darryl. If Elese jumped off a bridge, would you do it too?”


You trying to say Lincoln couldn’t spell, bro? Better hope the NSA doesn’t think this image means you’re anti-American.


False. Only those who can read will judge you. Good news is, you’re correct that no one will juge you.


I can’t quite see it, but I’d be willing to be that first ‘it’s’ is missing the apostrophe, too. This guy was clearly delt a bad hand before ink ever hit his skin.


Ah, yes. Tradgey. My favourite dramatic device/Pokemon. It evolves into ‘Faildrink’ and- wait. Do you think that Tradgey drew the tattoo in that first picture?!


More like the (education) system fucked you.
That’s a good policy. How’s that going for you?


Oh, dude. This was so close to being clever! Also, brave choice to have a tattoo under the receding hairline. It’s like a balding time bomb.


Actually, this isn’t supposed to be on this list. It’s just her way of telling the person who’s got her bent over that she’s into water sports.


Ironic, or a facepalm after the bandage came off? You decide.


One can only hope this guy has either a stutter, or pronounces everything like that waspy yachting binome from ReBoot.


Maybe she’s just a proud mother who let her drunk 12 year old do the script. Did you ever think of that?


The best part of this one is that he’s still posing for the selfie like he maybe doesn’t realize the mistake yet. Oh, how I hope he thought it was cool when he took this.


Yes, but not for the reasons you think.


“Hey asshole, it goes both ways.”
– Tomorrow


LOYALITY sounds like a finishing move from Mortal Kombat that didn’t quite make it into the game.


I wonder if they’re still hopeful now. For that matter, I wonder if they’re still alive now.


I love how ‘God’ and ‘Money’ are capitalised, and ‘family’ is misspelled. This is definitely one to show your mom.

Unless she home schooled you with the rest of her Southern Baptist church, in which case she probably won’t get it either.

Tattoos always have the capacity to be embarrassing later – just look at Mike Tyson.

Or don’t. I understand.

If I’m being honest though, I’m just looking forward to when robots do all of our tattoos and we can start seeing autocorrect tattoo disasters.


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