Field Trip

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

By: Klrtzbrgh, age 8

For my report, I studied humans with my dad. We went to the planet where humans are from. We saw a lot of different kinds, and my dad told me there are even more.

Humans have two arms and two legs, with a head on top. They walk around but also have cars, planes, boats, and other things that help them move around. Humans started making tools with rocks and dead things a long time ago to do stuff that they couldn’t, and now they use them for everything!

Humans build homes, like some other animals do. They live close together in some places, and in other places they are far apart, but they are usually in small groups. Sometimes humans live with other things, like plants and animals.

Humans have a few things that they really like to do. They’ve been doing them for a long time, almost as long as there’s been people! Some of the things that humans have always liked to do are:

Lying in the sunlight
Making new things with other things
Drinking alcohol and doing drugs
Hanging out with dogs
Music and other arts
Having sex with each other
Killing each other

Humans can kill each other for many reasons, but if there aren’t any then humans are really good at making one up. Sometimes they will make up whole imaginary explanations for why they should kill a lot of other humans.

Humans are also really good at working together. They can build great things or go to new places, but it takes a lot of humans to do things like that so they don’t do them very often.

Humans are interesting things, and I liked seeing them on my summer vacation.

The End.

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