Update: Big News Incoming

I’ve just received news that a short story I’ve written will be published this October! Very exciting stuff, and I’m overjoyed that one of my favourite publishers will be handling it. More details to follow.

As for this blog, my latest post will be the beginning of a bi-weekly update schedule that I’m going to attempt to maintain. Working full-time and writing part-time leaves little room for anything else in my life, but the feedback and responses have been great!

I might be drifting away from the short fiction for a while, focusing on smaller pieces closer to what you might consider to be a more traditional blog post (wow, we must live in the future where you can have such a thing as a “traditional blog post”).  The reason for this is because a lot of publishers don’t want material that’s already been published. Although a blog isn’t quite the same as a rival publication or anything like that, it’ll be better for me to keep my short fiction closer to the chest for future submissions and post other stuff here.

As always, thanks for reading. See you next week!


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