Brett Caron is a screenwriter and horror junkie fascinated by nihilistic dread, dark comedy, and the struggle for meaning in a vast, uncaring universe. The first of his features with director James Mark, action-thriller Escalation starring Nina Kiri (Handmaid’s Tale) was produced by High Star Entertainment and completed in fall 2022. In the same year, his horror-comedy Human Resources was a finalist in the Stage 32 Comedy Feature Screenwriting Contest and semi-finalist in the Emerging Screenwriters Genre Screenplay Competition. Working as a comedy writer for pop-culture website Diply and ad agency FCB International prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Brett began his storytelling career in tabletop game design for Palladium Books’ long-running flagship game RIFTS, where he developed characters, stories, settings, and adventure modules. He also wrote a pair of eBooks for Trese Brothers’ mobile game Star Traders, expanding fictional worlds in short, digestible stories. In 2022, Brett completed a residency at the Canadian Film Centre’s 2022 Norman Jewison Film Program Writer’s Lab. He has two TV series and a feature film in development, as well as a follow-up collaboration with High Star Entertainment on Level Film backed action-satire Merc Work.